Spuds Rise of the Runelords

The Ring of the Giants
  • Reached the valley where the fortress of Jorgenfist lay.
  • Assailed the lone watchtower that overlooked the fortress during the night.
  • Torel attempted to scale the walls with a grapple but it was noticed by the Ettins. He and Caarsaardri prepared to attack the Ettin when he investigated. Meanwhile Tetch, Mittens, Smith, Akari and Cherubim all entered the ground floor to find it empty.
  • Tetch and Smith sneak upstairs and kill the lone Ettin with out too much trouble, the one from the roof comes down and upon seeing his comrade dead flees back the way he came with Cherubim in hot pursuit.
  • The Ettin gets to the roof and jumps off breaking his leg in the process. He then procedes to light a signal fire.
  • Tetch reaches the roof and deftly throws some Shurkin at the Ettin but amazingly he withstands the onslaught until…
  • Smith upon getting to the roof and learning the whereabouts of the Ettin leaps off the tower grabbing the grappling rope still attached to the tower and slides down taking the Ettin out with one shot from his amazing pistol.
  • The party decides that the tower isn’t the best place to be after the alarm fire has been lit. They did note that there has been no notable reation from the camps surrounding the fortress.
  • They head toward the cliff boardering one edge of the valley. Upon arriving they notice two caves on the cliff face. Agreeing to attempt to gain entry to the fortress that way they head over.
  • The party reach the cave relatively unscathed, albeit with a close call from Akari falling on the climb down, she was saved by the quick reflexes of Smith.
  • The cave is filled with webs and a carpet of large bloated insects and arachnids scurry across the cave floor. Suddenly the party is attacked by three large undead spiders.
  • After slaying the Spiders, Cherubim discovers a secret door in the rear of the cave. The door gives way to a tight and winding tunnel. After following it the Party end up in a small cave.
  • The occupant of the cave a small Kobold leaps up and charges the party, however after being on the recieving ends of Torels Arrow Storm™, she drinks a potion and turns invisible.
  • During her escape the Kobold leaves the party a parting gift, a necklace of fireballs. Which promptly detonates the minute Tetch picks it up. Fortunately no one was injured badly in the blast.
  • Smith and some others pursue the Kobold through the tunnel and back into the cave where Smith slays her without hesitation.
  • With that done the party regroups in the cave where the Kobold had been living.
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